About Sakthi De-Addiction & Rehabilitation

Drug abuse or addiction is the intense craving for and loss of control over alcohol or drug. However, it is an illness and that is treatable.

Recovery as a process, not a destination

The program may begin with detoxification supervised by our full-time psychiatrist. Clients are assisted through a process of helping the body emerge from withdrawal and begin to heal physically.

Assessment begins from day one, and includes physical evaluation.

Recognizing symptoms of chemical dependency

Normally a dependent totally denies usage. It is only an experienced person who can see signs and recognize dependency and problems.

The chemically dependent person goes through a marked behavioral change in his attitude.The tell-tale signs are a sudden change of friends, secrecy, lying frequently, stealing, manipulating, borrowing money, selling articles from home, job problems, loss of weight, low appetite, irritation, anger, lethargy, poor personal hygiene, psychological disturbance, lack of concentration, depression, suspicion etc.




Abusing any of these chemicals can cause ill-health Affecting the well-being of the body, mind, emotion, spirit (values) and relationships with concerned individuals, family and society.



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