Working with Sakthi Rehabilitation Center

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SAKTHI Rehabilitation Centre is located at the outskirts of the City. It provides an intensive 12-step program centered service against chemical dependency.

The methods include an inpatients program of variable length of stay, depending on the individuals. Admission for inpatients program isolates the chemical dependent person from the environment which sustains chemical abuse and provides medical and psychological help in a safe atmosphere for detoxification.

Once the physical condition is stable and abstinence is maintained, support is given for continued recovery through individual and group counseling, didactic educational session and introduction to 12-step self help program.

The treatment is provided by multidisciplinary  treatment team consisting of physicians, chemical dependency counselors and consultants. The team is involved in the patient's assessments, treatment, and implementation and after-care of the chemical


We believe that a chemical dependency (as defined in the diagnostic and statistical manual IV-Q), which is the habitual use of psychoactive substances beyond the point where they can cause difficulties in dependent's life is treatable. A holistic approach is made in the treatment of dependents and the bio-psycho-social module is adopted.
Sakthi rehab has established chemical dependency service to address various problems which can arise in the lives of chemically dependent individuals, families and the society. The primary proposal of our service is to help the chemically dependent individuals establish total abstinence from psychoactive substances and to assist them and their families in developing and maintaining a holistic, healthier and more functional life style.